Consortium Members & Partners

Collaborating Institutions

CONNECT is an international collaboration of world-class pediatric cancer centers that combines research and expertise from around the globe. CONNECT Principal Investigators at each site are experts in pediatric neuro-oncology biology, clinical care and research. A list of current sites can be found here.

In addition, CONNECT’s mission includes partnering with sites around the world to facilitate research and clinical trials in high-risk pediatric brain tumors. Partnering sites become CONNECT temporary members to help develop a trial concept and oversee a clinical trial. Sites that have early, preclinical evidence of potentially effective therapies in high-risk pediatric brain tumors (including diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, high-grade gliomas, atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumors, and high-risk medulloblastoma) are encouraged to submit a trial concept.

Pharmaceutical Collaborations

CONNECT partners with pharmaceutical companies to support clinical and translational studies of novel agents in combination with traditional therapy regimens. Umbrella agreements under CONNECT allow for diverse and replicable preclinical testing of novel agents as well as authorization and distribution of new drugs to international sites. CONNECT works with local regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical companies to help facilitate and expedite international studies of novel agents.

Community Collaborations

CONNECT partners with patients, families and foundations to address unmet needs of pediatric brain tumors. Family representatives and foundations dedicated to curing pediatric brain tumors participate in the CONNECT Steering Committee and help steer a course toward curing childhood brain tumors.

Community organizations interested in supporting CONNECT can click here to request more information.

External Consultants

CONNECT collaborates with experts across the globe in pediatric oncology, tumor biology, pharmacology, radiation oncology, neuro-imaging and numerous other fields to bring the best science to bear on clinical trials in pediatric brain tumors. External experts provide unbiased input on preclinical data, developing trial concepts, and the conduct of clinical trials.

Funding Partners

The Cure Starts Now Foundation is the administrative funder of the CONNECT Collaborative. Additional support of the CONNECT Collaborative may be coordinated by the following foundations.

The Cure Starts Now Brooke Healey Foundation Reflections of Grace Foundation The Cure Starts Now Australia The Melina Michelle Edenfield Foundation The Robert Connor Dawes Foundation The Cure Starts Now Canada Curing Kids Cancer